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Management challenges in human resources in Asia

Many (medium-sized) companies already have offices and/or sales subsidiaries in Asia, but still have little experience with the HR tasks there.  Accordingly, they often lack confidence when it comes to the following issues:

  • recruitment and selection,

  • HR management and development as well as

  • training and instruction of their local staff

for example, in China, India, Indonesia, Singapore or Vietnam. For this reason, in 2008 MTI began conducting a study every two years, comparing Europe and Asia with respect to advanced training and HR development in companies. Based on a survey of European companies with offices or locations in Asian countries, the study deals with this core question: What are the key challenges companies face in the near future in terms of HR work in Asia? The study examines several topics including these: What challenges do companies face in the various Asian countries

  • when seeking qualified personnel,

  • when maintaining and motivating their workforces and

  • when training and developing their staff?

And: What strategic objectives do they pursue in HR work?

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