Management Board

The Management Board

The Machwürth Team was founded in 1989 by Hans-Peter Machwürth, who previously worked as a manager for a multinational corporation, focusing on Asia. Since 1993, he and Sabine Machwürth have been managing the company. With progressive internationalization, the following subsidiaries of the MTI Group were founded over the years:

  • MTI Machwuerth Team International Ltd., London

  • MTI Europe Ltd., Hude

  • MTI North America Inc., Madison (USA)

  • MTI Management Consulting (Beijing) Company Limited, China

  • Machwuerth Team International (MTI) ASIA Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Additional managers were added to the Executive Board as well.

HPMHans-Peter Machwürth

Finance holding and bearer of the MTI brand Managing Director of all subsidiaries/ companies of the MTI Group

SAM_TestSabine Machwürth

Managing Director MTI Shared Services