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In our third newsletter 2015 the Machwürth Team International compiled for you informative and interessting reports related to the topics leadership, team development and service.

This year the Machwürth Team has been awarded two prizes, the Top Consultant and the European training award by the BDVT. We will give you background information about the victory project that we carried out with our customer Evonik. Furthermore, we deal with the topics cultural differences and conflict management and outline the visit of Eastern European Managers in the context of a Manager Training Programme organised by giz.

We hope you will enjoy reading our new stories!

Your Machwürth Team International

MTI 咨询师及专家撰稿文章

秋季 2015


Project Report: Evonik School of Customer Service

“Improving Service Quality Worldwide”

How satisfied customers are with a company’s service depends on the company’s service and customer support. For this reason Evonik, specialty chemicals company, founded an international School of Customer Service. The globally active company and consultancy firm, Machwürth Team International, was awarded bronze in the European training award, Europäischer Trainingspreis, by the BDVT in 2015.


Cultural influences

“Being more aware of cultural differences”

“It’ll be ok.” Companies often plan transnational projects according to this motto – particularly those in which the foreign partners come from western industrialised nations. But because their cultures are related, the differences are often underestimated.


Conflict management

“Conflicts in companies and organisations”

Fair-weather management – every manager’s pipe dream. And what does reality look like? Storms are followed by sunshine and blizzards alternate with thaw period.


Manager qualification

“Eastern European managers gain qualifications for the international market with MTI”

A Manager Training Programme in Germany offers ambitious managers from Eastern Europe new insights and opportunities for international cooperation.


Award for Organisational Development 2015

“Machwürth Team International is awarded with “Top Consultant 2015” seal of approval”

SMEs have given MTI – the specialist for HR and organisational development – top marks and rate us among the top consulting companies in Germany.

星期一, 十月 26 th, 2015


In our summer edition of the newsletter we would like to present you interesting MTI project reports and news in the subject area Personnel and Organisational Development.

We will inform you among others things about Russian managers visiting companies in Germany and examine the role of a modern health management system. Moreover, we will be looking towards China and its leadership culture and you will learn about a new tool, the business simulation.

We hope you will enjoy reading our new stories!

Your Machwürth Team International

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星期四, 三月 12 th, 2015


Today we already have one foot in the future and we should not miss the boat to shape it successfully. Hence we prepared for you topics dealing with changes, shaping the future and further education for companies and employees in our autumn/winter newsletter edition. Furthermore we give you an insight in our major event for the company’s 25th anniversary and the workshops which were held in this context. We hope to arouse your interest to learn more! 

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星期三, 十二月 17 th, 2014


The temperatures are rising, the world cup is in full swing and MTI is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. In due time for the second half of the year we would like to present our MTI newsletter to you.

In this edition, you will find interesting articles about time management, Chinese employee management and leading by feedback systems. Furthermore, a new DISC leadership profile is on the market.

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星期三, 六月 25 th, 2014


The new year 2014 has just begun and we are looking forward to many exciting and challenging projects with you.

As in previous years, we want (would like) to accompany you with our MTI Newsletter and give you an insight into our expertise with our know-how and project reports.

Furthermore, we look forward to celebrating Machwürth Team’s 25th anniversary with you.

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星期三, 一月 15 th, 2014