The temperatures are rising, the world cup is in full swing and MTI is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. In due time for the second half of the year we would like to present our MTI newsletter to you.

In this edition, you will find interesting articles about time management, Chinese employee management and leading by feedback systems. Furthermore, a new DISC leadership profile is on the market.

Articles written by MTI consultants and experts

Spring/Summer 2014

Recording and evaluating feedback data to support a company’s development

“Managing by Feedback Systems”

Modern Leadership includes extensive feedback. Feedback systems are used increasingly where deficits and potentials can be recognized at an early stage.

Retaining Chinese Employees

“International staff development – Promoting employee loyalty among Chinese staff”

Dealing with intercultural differences between the western and the Chinese culture is not always easy for Europeans.

Employee loyalty – The Chinese Point of View

“Chinese personnel development – Retention Management, from a Chinese perspective”

Learn more about the experience of Heidi Wang and her point of view about the Chinese work culture and difficulties of employees and employers in China.

From Incidentals to Big Chunks

“Big chunks or bits and pieces – Time management, from a manager´s angle”

The principles of time management are known to many, but as a leader one often has to face completely different problems. Dividing into small and big chunks can help you to structure your daily management routine better.

Time and Self-Management as a Key to Effectiveness

“Time-awareness and self-discipline as a key effective work and freedom from stress”

How can I avoid getting distracted? Which tools help me plan my time in a better way? How do I handle deadlines properly?

Dominance, Initiative, Steadiness and Conscientiousness

“The DISC Profile on clear Course towards Leadership”

DISC, the classic among behavioural profiles, has been revised and extended. The profile “Work of Leaders” enables initially a profound combined reflection of communication and leadership behaviour.