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we are pleased to invite you to participate in our Business Talk “Virtual team benefits and challenges”.

Fact: You are in virtual teams – Act: Get the best out of them!
Learn how to cooperate in virtual teams. They are gaining in importance and here to stay.

Come and join an interactive gathering in which three experts will share their personal and professional experience about virtual cooperation, useful tools, general rules and actual practice.

Three different angels:

  • What are virtual teams and how to train and implement? (Hans-Peter Machwürth, MTI)
  • Inclusion and control of virtual teams from HR point of view? (Sebastian Wegener, EunaCon)
  • Protect trust and engagement (Theo van der Maas, CouncilWise)

Prior to our gathering you will already have the opportunity to participate and practice in a virtual team setting through an interactive dialogue. Please follow this link or use the QR-code below.

Our experts for the Business Talk

Born and brought up in Germany, Hans-Peter Machwürth comes from a family of entrepreneurs and learned, at a very young age, the art of management and communications. In his career he ended up as a Sales Director for over ten years, getting to know exactly what it takes to keep the performance of organizations at the highest level. Hence, he founded his own Consulting Company in 1989, starting locally and expanding its horizons to all corners of the earth. Today, Hans-Peter Machwürth specializes in Organizational Development, Change Management and Management Development. His clients include i.a. Bayer AG, BMW Group Bildungsakademie and Voith Industrial Services.

Born and educated in Germany, Sebastian Wegener has been working in China for the last 8 years and is holding a postgraduate M.B.A from Tongji University in Shanghai. He started his career as a regional manager at the German Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. There Sebastian Wegener was in charge of the support for German enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces, with focus on human resources related topics. Since beginning of 2011, Sebastian Wegener is working for EunaCon HR Solutions and Services with focus on Executive Search and Organizational Development of HR departments.

Theo van der Maas grew up in a big family and an open Dutch society. This has brought him to specific communication skills which he used and enhanced in industrial business development activities in different industries, countries and positions. Recently the start-ups in China have benefitted from his practical experiences and one in particular stands out: facilitate people to engage and participate in their (business) society through reflective dialogue. It makes all the difference to individuals and the group in which they operate.

Business Talk: Business Life 2025 | 22nd September 2016 – German Centre Shanghai

Date: 22.09.2016
Time: 09.30 am – 11.00 am
Language: English
Entry fee: RMB 170, payable at the door.
Free of charge for those that actively participate in the pre-meeting dialogue above.
Seats: Limited to 40 seats

German Centre Shanghai (Keyuan Lu 88)

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