Management Board

The Management Board

The Machwürth Team was founded in 1989 by Hans-Peter Machwürth, who previously worked as a manager for a multinational corporation, focusing on Asia. Since 1993, he and Sabine Machwürth have been managing the company. With progressive internationalization, the following subsidiaries of the MTI Group were founded over the years:

  • MTI Machwuerth Team International Ltd., London
  • MTI Europe Ltd., Hude
  • MTI North America Inc., Madison (USA)
  • MTI Management Consulting (Beijing) Company Limited, China
  • Machwuerth Team International (MTI) ASIA Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Machwürth Team International expands the management board

From April 2019, Tanja and Frank Ninnemann are equal shareholders and managing directors of MTI. Together we will expand MTI’s market position and want to actively utilise the opportunities that result from the digital transformation of the economy and the consulting market.

The MTI Management Board

Hans-Peter Machwürth

Managing director of all MTI group companies


After his career as a sales manager up to the top management of a multinational organisation with its focus in Asia, in 1989 Hans-Peter founded the consulting company, Machwürth Team International, which started with five  staff members and grew to a network of initially over four hundred consultants worldwide.

MTI (Machwürth Team International) currently has companies in South Asia (Singapore), North Asia (Peking), the USA and Europe. 45% of the turnover is realised internationally.

Besides parallel expansion of his own company, Hans-Peter accompanies companies with his experience in change management, specialising in re-organisation, mergers and other change projects.

Key competences

Change management, sales management, business process optimisation, strategy implementation, speech and moderating large groups

Frank Ninnemann

Managing director of all MTI group companies


Frank started his professional career in personnel- and organisation development in 1988 as an education coordinator in private banking. Subsequently he managed the leadership development.

In 1995, he changed to Philips Academy (TOP Business Training AG), assumed leadership of the business field, management development in 1997 and engaged on the management board. In  2000, together with two partners, Frank founded the Management Center Hamburg AG as a board for sales and marketing and was chairman there until 2011. From 2012 Frank was an independent trainer, coach, facilitator, moderator and active as a certified LIFO trainer.

Since April 2019 Frank is a managing director of MTI, focusing on sales, project management and consulting.

Key competences

Management development programme, coaching, change management, sales management, team performance, moderation of large events and workshops

Sabine Machwürth

Sabine Machwürth

Managing director of
MTI-Shared Services


As a qualified educationalist, Sabine gained ten years’ extensive experience in management and sales in trading firms of the chemical- and leather industry. After changing to the working area of personnel and organisation development, Sabine has been a managing director at MTI since 1993.

As a consultant she has been working since 1990, specialising especially in accompanying management. She has successfully delivered and implemented numerous projects, also for companies operating internationally, improving the quality of their management.

Today Sabine is focussed on the conception and implementation of management development programmes and diagnostics, as well as setting up feedback procedures in companies.

Key competences

Development- and assessment centre, management development programmes, feedback systems and feedback procedures in companies, implementation of management tools, moderation of large groups and digital moderation

Tanja Ninnemann

Managing director of all MTI group companies


Tanja started her  professional career in1997 as a social scientist focusing on sales and marketing at a private broadcast station in Saxony.

In 2000 she moved to the national audio and audio online marketing sector and took on several managerial positions over twelve years for business development with German advertisers.

As a management board member, in the last three years she further developed various topics of organisation development, focusing on overlapping project- and process management, corporate mission statements, leadership principles and change management.

After three years’ freelancing as a consultant, since April 2019 Tanja is a managing director of MTI with her focus on marketing, personnel and operations aboard.

Key competences

Development of new sales structures, conception and management of agile or digital projects, change management, organisation culture, moderation of innovation workshops


An interview with Tanja and Frank Ninnemann as PDF

Interview with Tanja and Frank Ninnemann - Addition to the MTI management

The digital transformation does not stop at personnel development.

Since April 2019, Tanja and Frank Ninnemann are equal shareholders and managing directors of the training- and consulting company, Machwürth Team International (MTI). The freelance journalist, Andrej Winter, spoke with them about their plans and intentions.

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The official press release about the management board extension as PDF

Machwürth Team International expands the management board

With Tanja and Frank Ninnemann, MTI steers to growth course

From April 2019, Tanja and Frank Ninnemann are equal shareholders and managing directors of the training- and consulting company in Visselhövede, which counts to the most prestigious in the German speaking countries.

“It is time to take the diverse tasks and growth opportunities on the market into account and to place the responsibility onto more shoulders”, so Hans-Peter Machwürth, founder of the consulting company.

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